Over the years I’ve been acosted by many different religious groups all wanting to share their viewpoint on the world and whatever else may be beyond it.  Most of them say that if I dont believe as they do then I am subject to some sort of damnation.  This sort of behavior has led to numerous conflicts throughout history, not just with me but usually between these different competing groups.  People have died in these conflicts, and countless more very very annoyed.

If we could just treat religion like sex, I think things might work a little smoother.  Keep it in your pants.  Only share it with those people closest to you.  And maybe a few people at parties when you are really drunk.  This analogy kinda breaks down when you get into the realm of internet pornography, but I think you get the idea that I’m going for.

So I plead with you solicitors of religious propoganda, do this little thing for us.  Peddle your wares elsewhere.  Think of the children.