Until recently I’ve only really created web services in PHP, which works perfectly fine for my needs. Some recent projects on the other hand require a little more “interprisy” level system. There is already existing code in C#, so I decided to dig into this new WCF stuff that all the cool kids have been talking about.

WCF looks pretty nice if you can find some documentation to get it all working correctly. I’ve built some RESTful interfaces before, so I know what goes into designing and implementing them, but figuring out the head and tail of .NET web services was beastly to start on. Perhaps a RESTful interface in WCF wasn’t the best project to start on with .NET. Oh well.

So I started with Microsoft’s documentation, which was pretty good in general, but spotty on the details:


I guess I needed something a little more hand-holdy to start with, so after extensive searching of the intarwebs I came across:


Thats all I wanted. Give me a working sample to play with! Ok, if I can build from this, you can build from this.