So it seems I’ve let my blog languish for over 10 years now. A brief update is in order. I’ve continued working in fintech. I’ve continued contributing to OpenSource software, though not as much as I would like, especially considering how much of it my day-job utilizes. I do a lot with CI/CD pipelines and Kubernetes now, and even have a homelab cluster to tinker with things. Otherwise its mostly work in enterprise Java with Spring.

I’ve gradually been trying to de-cloud my personal data and host as much of it as possible locally. There are many quite mature products now that can be selfhosted. I’ll probably write several posts about them in the future. Thats been a long journey, but rewarding to know that I’m feeding less free product to our corporate overlords.

With the pandemic I lost touch with a lot of people, as many did, and so many social connections and practices just broke down. Commpounding that is the fall of the previous social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook haven’t been fun for quite a long time, so I’m looking at alternative streams with better community and interaction. Mastodon has been pretty engaging, and I’m currently pretty active on there. And I’m trying to resurrect this blog now. We’ll see how it goes.

This new incarnation of my blog is mostly a port of the old Wordpress content to Hugo. Apparently Wordpress choked on its own content in the last year and as a result many posts were corrupted. The export process was not as smooth as I’d like either. But some history was preserved, and most of it is readable. Not that anyone cares to read my old articles, but its fun to have a history that stretches back almost 20 years.

I’ll try to write something of real interest soon.